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Professional rug cleaning and restoration in Soho and New York. Deep gentle cleaning, affordable prices. 100% guarantee on all work.

At NYC Carpet Rug Cleaning, we know that it takes a special technique, dedication and real skill to repair and restore your rug properly. Whether you have a Persian Origental, Bamboo or leather rug, we’re sure you love it dearly and it occupies center stage in your home. That’s why, when it needs special care, you need to give it to people who have years of experience to take the right care of it.

Here, at NYC Carpet Rug Cleaning, our staff have years of accumulated knowledge and are all dedicated to their work. They are familiar with the most complicated and intricate techniques for rug cleaning, repair restoration techniques. We have been in business over two decades, serving thousands of clients in Greenwich Village, Soho and NYC.

Whether you need an area rug cleaned, a Perians Bokhara rug repaired or a family heirloom restored, we can help you.

Green Products for Your Peace of Mind

We truly believe that green, eco-friendly products are the way to go when it comes to cleaning, because not only do they do a great job on your rug or carpet, but they also better for the health of you and your family. They do just as good a job as traditional products but they don’t contain the harsh chemicals which can provoke asthma or a flare up of allergies. It’s all for your peace of mind.

Our services include (but are not limited to) area rug, antique rug and carpet cleaning, repair and restoration techniques and carpet installation. Whether you’re a family, small business, or large corporation we offer the same high-level service. We work both with residential and commercial clients, and our team is friendly and well-qualified.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Every Rug Cleaned Specific to its Needs

We understand that every rug is unique, which is why it needs to be cleaned and repaired with techniques specific to its weave, age and condition. Our staff are trained to give you a tailor-made service - whether your rug is made of synthetic fibers or Persian silk, they will show it the same level of care and dedication. We have an eye for detail and treat every piece gently...from start to finish.

Our Cleaning Process

We offer a comprehensive service which includes the following processes:
Rug inspection rug
Powerful vacuuming (to release grim, soil and dirt from the fibers)
A gentle and deep conditioning spot and stain pre-treatment.
Deep cleaning, using either a dry cleaning or hot water extraction method, depending on the condition of the piece and its material.
Grooming - adjusting the pile, straightening the fringe, etc.

NYC Carpet Rug Cleaning

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